Global Boga

I am 20 years old who is popularly known as Global Boga. I also enjoy street dancing and doing backflips in my spare time (lol). I intend to be world famous for dancing. My beliefs can be summed up into doing good unto others, and putting God first in everything. I believe teamwork is important for success in every endeavour and it is even more important in my dancing career. I belong to a dance group called ‘Ghana Boyz’.

Recently, my dance group got nominated for a dance award in Ghana, another great accomplishment is being in Davido’s ‘If’ music video. I have had the opportunity to work with influential acts like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, and several others. I have a philosophy that “you never know what wisdom you can gain from meeting someone new”. I’m a carrier of positive energy and is hyped to fill the show with a lot of laughter, energy and positive vibes.



I’m Sophia also known as Sophiaofficialxo or Shaku Queen😂. I love dancing that’s what I’m very passionate about because it makes me happy and free. I’m from Nigeria. I was born there tooo. Moved here when I was 9 years old.

I always used to dance as a child and I never stopped because I always knew that I wanted to do something with it and I inspire people which is what I’m doing now. Dancing used to keep me out of trouble too when I was in college.


My name is Islamiyah Lokiki, I am a student and a professional dancer. I am very passionate about Dancing as it isn’t just a hobby, it contributes to be my happiness and I feel like I’m in my element when I dance. I am Nigerian and I was born in Nigeria but currently I live in London. I enjoy playing football and acting, and fashion although I don’t do these as much as dancing.

I am usually seen as a very confrontational person but I think I’m just very passionate and straightforward. But apart from that I’m a cool person😊